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Get Song Ideas for Your Wedding Dances:

Need More Traditional Music?
If you would rather stick with traditional wedding music, no problem,
we have Canon in D, The Wedding March — Midsummer Night's Dream or can work with your own ideas.

Outdoor Ceremony Site:

We will set up a loudspeaker powered by 1000 watts along with a wireless mic for your ceremony sound. As guests are seated, they are greeted with the sound of beautiful ceremony music until the Minister or JP Speaks and performs the ceremony when the music fades down. If your Ceremony site will not have electricity, we have a portable battery-powered system as well for remote ceremony sites, it works well and everybody will hear the music and the minister/JP speaking.

After the recessional song, your guests will be guided to the reception area, where we will have music already going while the couple takes photos or does a "meet and greet." if that is part of your wedding plan.

Wedding Aisle
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