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Wedding Packages
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All Wedding Packages include Dance Floor Lighting and Wireless Mics
Full Ceremony and Reception sound services are provided, including wireless mics. If you are getting married outdoors, we have all of the equipment and experience to make it happen. We will work with your venue, wedding coordinator and the Minister or Justice of the Peace to run a beautiful Ceremony at your location. We have a couple of dedicated Sound Systems specifically designed for ceremonies. Our main sound system will be set up indoors for your Reception and have music playing during cocktail hour while the newlyweds take pictures. If your cocktail hour gathering is at a separate location such as a patio or other spot, we have a third sound system to cover that so your guests are never without music.

Three Payment Financing Plan
To make it easier for our clients, we offer both two or three payment plan options so you can pay over time and when the wedding day arrives, you will have it already paid for. We accept Debit Cards and All Major credit cards.  A contract is sent after you decide to book via email. We accept payments via credit card with PayPal online or over the phone through Quickbooks® GoPayment ( a secure processor. ) An email is sent with your receipt. After careful planning, all of your wedding details can be sent to us via the Wedding Planner Form, which you will have access to after you make a deposit and book. We then review all details a week before the wedding  either on phone, Zoom Meeting, FaceTime call or in person.

*PRICING* All prices listed below are a guide for you to get an idea of what we charge for weddings. Reducing the performance hours is not always going to directly effect the price, as there are minimum fees, since performance time hours are not the total time we spend on a wedding, there is prep time and sometimes travel or lodging figured in our quotes..

Micro Wedding Special (40 people max.)

Only $999.00
• Includes Ceremony audio/music (must be exact same room as Reception)

• All announcements/intros, Cocktail Hour/Dinner Music

• Includes Basic Lighting Package

• Wedding Planner Form for your Details
• Two Payment plan only, Debit Cards ok.
• Location within 35 miles of Farmington, NH or a small travel fee is added, please inquire.



• Military (active with military ID) will enjoy a $100 off discount

• First responders get $100 off quoted price (must be actively employed by Police, Fire or EMT/Nurse or Paramedics.)  

Discount Option One for non-military or first responders:
If you inquire and get an exact quote via email or phone, you can enjoy a $100 off discount by NOT delaying your decision to book. In other words, if you book with us within 24 hours of inquiry and pay your deposit, sign a contract, we will take $100 off your final balance, just say "I'll take the no-delay discount"

Discount Option Two, prepay for the entire services up front and enjoy 10% off the total fee. (If you save that much, please remember to consider gratuities)

Will Your Wedding Be Formal or informal?

This is something every bride will want to decide when she is making all the many choices for her wedding theme for the day. It involves everything from the venue, the setting, her ceremony, the centerpieces at the tables, the decor and even the dress code for her bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Informal: Wedding Games
These days, there are some brides (and grooms) that prefer an informal, laid back theme. Many want to skip the bouquet toss or removal of the garter, yet still want added fun. For these couples, we do offer a fun wedding game called The Shoe Game. You can watch several video examples of this on youtube to see how it's played at a wedding.

The Shoe Game: How To Play:The bride and groom are seated on chairs in the middle of the venue, back-to-back.Both the bride and groom remove their shoes and exchange one so that they are both holding one of each shoe. During the game, a series of questions are asked, in which the answer can only be bride or groom” and is answered by the bride and groom by holding up one of the shoes that goes with their answer. This is always funny and entertaining for your guests.
Example questions for the Shoe Game. (can be customized for your own)

Planning Stage
Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. Endless planning and preparation are done to ensure that your wedding is both memorable and special.​ The wedding entertainment is a big part of your most cherished and beautiful wedding day. Dj Bobby always reviews wedding details with every bride one week before the big day to make sure she has the wedding of her dreams. Dj Bobby will assist in your music planning if you need ideas. He is available to meet in person by appointment in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire if you decide to book him, or just do everything by email/text and phone, even Facetime.

All these important wedding details such as working with your vendors, following the events timeline, setting up ceremony sound, lighting, organizing all the required formal announcements, preparing the bridal party lineup for introductions and coordinating and timing everything is equally as important as the music itself.


DJ Bobby Freedom has performed at hundreds weddings in his 25+ years as a fun and reputable DJ in New Hampshire, Mass and Maine. Bobby has Five Star Ratings you can check, as well as references. Covering the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and surrounding areas, always on time and professional. He spends an additional 2-3 hours devoted to your custom music playlist, announcements. bridal party intros, formal dance songs and other timeline details in preparation for your wedding.

Our wedding DJ packages are reasonably priced and they all include modern LED dance floor lighting, custom prepared music playlists, wireless mics for speeches, perfectly timed introductions, and the expertise of an experienced wedding DJ. We provide a two payment plan (or 3 payments) and work with you using a wedding planner form, so that we can review all the details with you for your big day,  Congratulations on your engagement!

Ceremony Anywhere, super quiet Honda generator available for remote locations

Our main sound system with 15" JBL JRX-215 passive speakers is set up at the reception room. Meanwhile, we have two additional systems which are dedicated for ceremony use, depending on where your ceremony is located will determine which sound system we use. The first one is a dual speaker ElectroVoice 1000w system with additional laptop and controller.  (only used If there is electricity near the ceremony site)  So if there is no electricity available where you are having your ceremony, we are equipped with a powerful, yet portable sound system that can go anywhere and is lithium battery operated.  We have both a lithium battery powered speaker for mountain tops or remote ceremonies as well as a 2k Inverter Generator (quiet, gas powered Honda) This allows us to provide music and PA system sound just about anywhere. This allows us to provide Ceremony music and a microphone with PA and mixer for your Justice of the Peace to perform your ceremony anywhere you want, the top of a mountain, the beach, a golf course green, or a remote wooded area where there is no power available.  Everyone will hear your cherished Ceremony since our condenser microphones will pick up sounds from both the bride, the groom and the JP.

Our Quiet Honda Generator


Ceremony at Dexter's Inn ~ Sunapee, NH

  • Cocktail Hour & Reception (minimum flat fee)

    6 hr

    1,349 US dollars
  • Ceremony & Reception

    8 hr

    1,499 US dollars
Micro weddng
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