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DVD/Slideshow Presentation

Add a slideshow to your wedding and dazzle your guests with your cherished pictures. We can present your slideshow along with music during your cocktail hour or dinner on our Vivo® 100" Projector screen. Our Epson® 33 lumens, high resolution projector will play from a DVD or Laptop. If you need the slideshow created from scratch, we do that too! (fees apply)

Option one: We set up and play/loop your 30-60 minute slideshow. We have a multi format DVD player to hook up into the projector system or if you have your prepared slideshow on software, you would provide the laptop with prepared slideshow and we can send the audio out to our speaker system while the video plays on our large screen and add music if needed.

Fee: $145

Option Two:

Have us create your customized slideshow (with music) and present it to your guests:

Fee $225 (client supplies all pics, (and if you like, short video clips) we add music and do all editing. Pics for slideshow can be sent online and slideshow will be approved by client prior to presentation. 
DVD copies available for $35 ea. (not included in fee to create slideshow)


Our projector: Epson® EX3260 (33 Lumens) 720dpi (NOT available for rent without DJ Services)

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